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Do you like to communicate with people who share your interests?

Please feel free to join, post and discuss the posts ! After Registration you can request your own Channel if you wish one, then you need to subscribe by email to it, to receive notice of every reply/post made in it ! Subscribe by email to your friends channels to get notified of their posts too, you can make replies from within your email application !

A description of how to post is given in each Channel, subscribing to the Channel of your choice by clicking: Options/Subscribe will give you the option to receive new posts by email! Registering and Subscribing to a channel will give you full membership, then you can post/embed anything with HTML codes ! Audio, Photo, Video ! Otherwise you can only post plain text !

For easy embedding a list of videosites to grab your embedcodes from is provided in each channel, just click on a name and a window will pop up, login and grab your embedcode !

It is prohibited to set your audio or video to autoplay !! This is important !
If there are more in one thread they all will play through one another !!!

If you wish to record a video by webcam you can use the side popup webcam recorders by clicking on the name at the right --->>>
A window with their webcam recorder will popup, you can resize it to your needs and download your recording afterwards !

Our Karaoke Tracks category seems empty until you are registered, approved and logged in !

Webcam Recorder

HTML5 Cam Recorder

Audio Recorder

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